Security Systems

Due to the radiological nature of some of the phases in the production process, nuclear power plants are designed with the concept of safety above everything else. Safety, regarding people and the environment, is the highest priority at these facilities and is assured through a series of protection barriers and meticulous control systems which relate to the design and construction of the plants, as well as their operation.

In accordance with regulations, nuclear power plants such as Ascó and Vandellós evaluate their safety in a Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA). The results arising from the implementation of the PSA are far superior to those required by the regulations.

Likewise, the selection of the sites for the Ascó and Vandellós II nuclear power plants was endorsed by a comprehensive and detailed technical study analyzing the ecological, geological and meteorological characteristics of the environment, as well as the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of the surrounding areas. All the foregoing ensures the safety of the facility in relation to its surroundings, in all of its aspects.

The safety of a nuclear power plant is based on three aspects: intrinsic safety, operating safety and regulatory safety, which together form the concept of “defence-in-depth”, as shown in the attached diagram.